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Springvale South   Vic   3172

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High strength Meranti framing is glued to the timber wall ply which gives the superior strength and durability of a timber to timber bonded wall. All walls are then bolted together and bolted to the chassis. The aluminium cladding is glued and stapled to the framing. Concealed staples are used.


Meranti framed furniture is finished with coated plywood. The furniture is screwed through to the timber wall framing and to the floor.   The furniture is also back stapled through the wall plyboard for superior overall rigidity.   Greatest possible strength and durability is achieved by using this construction method on walls and furniture - a system proven over many years.


15mm waterproof bonded plywood floor is glued and screwed to the chassis, combining F14 strength with tongue and groove joints.  


All Pedigree caravans are constructed on high quality G & S Chassis built to Pedigree specifications. The box section chassis is made from 4'' x 2'' or 6'' x 2'' steel with the 'A' frame extending through to the front spring hangers.   The chassis finish can be either painted steel, Duragal or hot dipped galvanized.

Cupboard Doors

All cupboards are fitted with Tasmanian Oak framed drum doors with flush panels. This style of door is strong, resists warping, and is easy to clean - yet is very light.


Pedigree caravans have always been acclaimed for their high level of finish and attention to detail.   This is something only you can inspect and compare yourself.  

All Pedigree models are built to the same high level of construction.   Pedigree's full timber construction technique results in superior strength caravans.   The furniture stays firmly secured to the walls and floor. Overhead cupboards can be constructed to carry a substantial load, such as a TV or a microwave oven without the risk of overhead cupboards sagging or falling out - a problem some caravaners experience, particularly in pop tops - but definitely not with Pedigrees.  

Your purchase of a Pedigree is more than the purchase of a great caravan, it's also an investment in genuine quality.