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Pedigree Horizon
Pedigree Elite GLX
Pedigree Frontier


There are three models in the Pedigree range - Horizon, Elite GLX and Frontier.   All Pedigree models are built using the same construction techniques, the same materials and to the same high standards of quality, durability and finish. The differences between the models are explained below.


Horizon caravans are built in batches of one layout at a time to save on manufacturing costs.   They are lower in price that the Elite GLX and Frontier range but they are based on a number of standard layouts.   Many items can still be customized though, such as the stove, fridge, main door and colours - plyboard, carpet, floor vinyl, curtains, upholstery.   Even with the standard layouts, there is still scope for some modification   The Horizon range of Pedigree caravans are fantastic value for money and their level of specifications and build quality far exceeds most other "budget" model caravans.

Elite GLX

The Elite GLX range of Pedigree caravans is our up market range.   There are many layouts to choose from.   In fact, many Elite GLX caravans are custom built - but are usually based on the standard range of layouts.   The Elite GLX range includes many features and fittings as standard that are usually only found as options on other models.


The Frontier is built in smaller numbers to the Horizon and the Elite GLX ranges. Frontiers are similar in specification and fittings to the Elite GLX but will usually be based on new design and styling ideas, new layouts or new concepts.